Daniel's Online Repository

Welcome to the home of Daniel Tenedorio's various programming work. This page will be updated over time. More recent projects appear at the top of this list, while older ones appear at the bottom.

Pangaea v1.0 - This is a two-dimensional platform game I wrote in C using the Allegro libraries.
Windows - Download

Basic Sprite Editor v2.0 (Download) - This is the utility I wrote to create bitmap graphics for my various other projects. I designed it primarily with the intent of creating small-resolution graphics for games, but it serves as a cross-platform graphics editor.

FreeTetris (Download) - I wrote this in two hours, because I have yet to see a Tetris game available for Linux. It probably breaks several Tetris-related licensing agreements, patents, and/or copyrights. One of these days I will take the time to investigate the matter, I suppose...

Galaxy Invaders v1.0 (Download) - This is a Space Invaders clone I wrote in C a while ago. This project is copmplete.

3D Rotating Hands (Download) - This is a simple demonstration of some OpenGL skills I learned in a class last quarter. Three 3D hands rotate in space until you press Esc to close the window.

Visualizations (Download) - This is a small interactive graphics application I wrote when I was bored.

How to install and run under Windows: Download a .zip file, extract it into a folder, and run the .exe file within.

How to install and run under Linux: You can use the included Makefile to compile the project; you will need to have the Allegro graphics library installed. It is included with many major linux distributions. If it is not included with yours, download Allegro from its website here.